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Rotary Gourmet in Gundy showcases the diversity and quality of food, wine and agricultural products grown and produced in Goondiwindi and the surrounding region.

The event stretches over the second weekend in September,  illustrating the exceptional products of the south-west corner through the talents of celebrity chefs. 

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The Goondiwindi Rotary branch is proud to host Gourmet in Gundy. Each year, funds raised through ticket sales, raffles and donations are returned back to the local community.

2018 Proceeds

Last year, Rotary committed $15,000 over two years to fund an additional day per fortnight for the breast and prostate care nurse, Toni Jakins, to service the region.

2017 Proceeds

In 2017 proceeds from Gourmet in Gundy funded a CPAP respirator machine for the Goondiwindi Hospital which can be used by the elderly and people who suffer from asthma.

2016 Proceeds

In 2016, proceeds from Gourmet in Gundy funded the purchase of a bus for Care Goondiwindi enabling easy transport for those in care.

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We have ample accommodation available in town including motels, B&Bs tourist parks and free camping facilities. Click here for a list of options.


Goondiwindi is located 4.5 hours south west of Brisbane. Soak in the countryside of the Darling Downs region during your drive!


There is so much to do and see in our beautiful border town. From cotton tours to river walks, we are sure you will find something that takes your fancy!


The Goondiwindi Visitor Information Centre is located in the heart of town at 45 Bowen Street. The friendly volunteers will be able to assist you with all your enquiries.

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